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Education Online
An international online school
offering a virtual British education
within everyone’s reach

Our professional educators
make learning online
efficient and transparent for both
parents and their children
Pave your way to success with VIS
You want your child to join a virtual learning community that delivers high quality education

You want your child to have an international general certificate of education to enter a school or university
Trust the Expertise
We partner with Cambridge and Edexcel - the two largest examination boards in the UK. Our school is a unique blend of flexibility, accessibility and expertise

We are proud to say that our students are high achievers who found their passions and entered world’s top universities
Why do parents choose us?
Continuous Performance Monitoring
The learning process and academic performance are constantly monitored by our teaching staff and academic supervisors
Collaborative approach is in the core of our programmes, so that our students are always engaged and passionate about their projects and teamwork
Expert Teachers
All our teachers are dedicated professionals and wonderful people
Our students get globally recognized qualifications without leaving their home, school, friends or family
Why do students choose us?
Our schedule is built with the needs of students in mind
Get full access to VIS wherever you are using any gadget
Our students are active participants in learning inside and outside the “classroom”
Full Support
Our supervisors are always here for you
Programs of Study
Feedback from Parents

Egor’s mom:

“We live far from big cities, so studying at an international school was never an option. I did think about moving city, but that’s not that easy. Besides, Egor likes his Russian school and taking him away from his friends seemed cruel. When I learned that doing GCSEs and A Levels fully online was really an option, we applied immediately”

Vasilisa’s mom:

“I was worried at first that distance education wouldn’t be suitable for a child of Vasilisa’s age – she was only 5. I was so wrong! Our choice was right, she has many friends that she met at VIS! It also saved us time and now she can do the things she likes, such as her hobbies and courses”

Mark’s mom:

“We are thankful to VIS for our smooth transition to online learning. Not only does Mark enjoy his lessons, but he gets better grades and is much happier now!”
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