About School

V.I.S. is a quality international education in your home
The main aim of our project is to give as many children as possible in all regions of world access to international school education and to give them the freedom to make their own choices in the future.
Every year tens of pupils are taught in a bilingual environment. Every year our graduates go on to top schools and universities all over the world.
Head Teacher
Mr Kevin Devine
“Studying international qualifications opens doors and offers additional opportunities that would otherwise not be available to students. It makes it far easier to enter schools or universities abroad as pupils will be far better prepared to tackle any challenges they might face”
Times change, so do the principles behind education – the shift towards online schooling was not the smoothest, however, even in the most difficult of times, the need for quality education remains unchanged

When the borders are closed, schools and universities unable to accept students on campus – the urge for quality virtual learning grows stronger than ever before

The times demand a brand-new educational environment that will enable students to access high quality international education from anywhere in the world 

Students at Virtual International School choose to study online at their own pace. Our programmes are designed by leading international education experts who have helped dozens of students enter the biggest international schools and universities around the globe

All our teachers are qualified and highly valued for their passion to give the most relevant knowledge to their students

Our virtual environment takes advantage of the best technologies in education so that you never miss out
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